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Capturing a card photo is​

Easier, Faster and Smarter

than typing all the information.

Our Process

Machine Eye (MI) reads valuable information on the various bank cards, identification cards, passports, and driver's licenses.

Less than 1 sec


Auto Capture


Preprocess for
Speed & Accuracy

  • Find Card data position
  • Correct light reflection
  • Reduce image nosie
  • Analyze Card format

Extract Field data


Recognize data

Super Fast

Easier, Faster, Smarter

If you are looking for the first-rate software that can handle all the following issues,
you can count on Machine Eye(MI) to get the job done.

A card has many kinds of numbers in different positions.​

Bank cards have various background images.

Bank and ID cards use different fonts.

Cards are captured under various lighting circumstance.

Cards are captured under various lighting circumstance.

Bank and ID cards around the world are very diverse.

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